I am a London based multimedia artist with keen interests in sculpture, casting, ceramics and graphic design; having just achieved a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

My practise explores material with process and boasts light, organic, aesthetics with accents of primary colour. It predominantly takes on 3D form and explores tactile curiosity through an inquisition into textural aesthetics. As well as exploring narrative and the imagination, my work is focused on invoking an unwritten conversation between ourselves and objects.

A more recent branch of my work looks to engage fabricated systems and parameters that dictate outcomes and ultimately take away the artist's creative freedoms. Boycotting decision through the application of rules makes this work all about process and is determined to take the 'art' out of art.

My 2D work is often a crossover between abstract drawing, print, collage and graphics and carries themes parallel to my sculptural work.



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