Apps, Apps, Apps

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

'Apps, Apps, Apps' is a continuation of a previous series of work with glass wax titled Tabs, Tabs, Tabs. This project looks at my own obsessive use of my phone and specific apps. I aimed to generate an object that resembles the iphone and fossilises a repetitive digital behaviour. Using my own iphone homepage as a template, I designed a repeating pattern in photoshop. The app thumbnails for Youtube and Facebook are repeated to mirror the repeating patterns of my behaviour when using my phone. The resulting aesthetic is an invasive list of red and blues icons. The subtle aggression inherent in this repetition is reflective of the debilitating, yet compelling dependence one has on their phone.

Flourishes of colour were added in the form of string and cut up straws. This decision was purely aesthetic and on reflection does very little for the piece. The accents of colour and texture detract from the simplicity of the image embedded in the wax and compete with the significance of the repetition in the image, giving the piece a messy and unrefined look, which renders childish and clumsy. On revisiting this project, I intend to eliminate the string and straw. These elements are redundant in that they fail to compliment or develop the aesthetic of the work, an affect I had originally intended for them. They disrupt the way I wish the objects to be read and cheapen the concept behind the work. The pattern formed in the repetition of the Facebook and Youtube app thumbnails is aesthetic enough on it's own without the addition of other materials. Perhaps an idea worth experimenting with would be adding in a paper cursor, to indicate an interaction between us and our phones, our fingers and our screens. This might advance the aesthetic in a way that doesn't detract from the importance of repetition in the image, whilst also further communicating the works investigation into a concerning attachment we all seem to be rapidly developing to our phones.

I would like to continue this work with patterns taken form logos and symbols from my behaviour on line, but want to keep my investigations 2D. Rather than these patterns being elements in a sculpture or object, I want to experiment with giving them the opportunity to be images and paintings in their own right.