Re-writing a wall credit

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Rudolf Stingel

Untitled 1993

Carpet, wall

Untilted 1993 amalgamates it’s audience into a submissive community of textural painters at the hands of a fluffy orange wall. This unique, ‘ikea-friendly’ artwork throws a garish block of colour at it’s audience, while tempting it’s participants with a space for creative equality. Fleshy fibres in the carpet and it’s stretch from floor to ceiling invite strangers of all eye-heights to touch, engage and play. The material’s domestic routes and the artwork's interactive function produce an all inclusive environment that doesn’t assume the audience’s creative talent, providing a judgment-free canvas for anyone to draw on. It is static in space, but moves continuously through time as the brushing of fluff sees new images appear and old ones vanish.